Member Organizations



Bangwe et Dialogue


Biovision – Foundation for Ecological Development

Associated Country Women of the World

Federation of American Women’s Clubs Overseas (FAWCO)


Graduate Women International (GWI)
formerly International Federation of University Women (IFUW)


International Alliance of Women (IAW)

International Council of Women – Conseil International des Femmes



International Federation of Business and Professional Women (BPW International)


International Movement for Fraternal Union Among Races and People (UFER)



Latter-Day Saint Charities

Lutheran World Federation / Women in Church and Society (WICAS)

Make Mothers Matter International – Mouvement Mondial des Mères
(MMM international)

Mothers Legacy Project (MLP)

Soroptimist International

Widows’ Rights International (WRI)

 Women’s Federation for World Peace

Women’s World Summit Foundation (WWSF)

World Federation of Ukrainian Women’s Organizations


World Federation for Mental Health

Zonta International