UNECE & Beijing+30 Task Force

Created to strengthen relations between the NGO CSW Geneva and the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE). The UNECE is one of 5 regional commissions of the UN that includes 56 member states in Europe, North America and Asia. Consultations between the TF and UNECE show that there are numerous ways in which we can work together for all women and girls across our region. The UNECE has a number of Conventions and we seek to bring the expertise of our members into consultations on these Conventions. 

Our main area of work over the coming 16 months is the 30th anniversary of the Beijing Platform for Action. Our endeavours will include Working Groups covering the 12 critical areas of BPFA concern, to create civil society statements by September 2024, Expert Round tables on these issues with Member States, an analysis of the last 30 years, an in-person event in Geneva and participation with Member States as part of their review.


Background and plans for the review of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action