Task Forces

Climate Change and Health

The task force addresses climate change and its direct and indirect impact on the health and well being of women, youth and local and marginalized communities through an SDG lens. Recognizing that climate change and the environment can negatively impact health, food security, child development, livelihoods etc., we focus on the overarching relationship of environmental issues with women’s rights, including health and other social rights from a variety of perspectives. Read More…

Gender Terminology

The Task Force was initiated with the over-arching goal of supporting the goals of the NGO CSW Committee in upholding the human rights of women and girls and advocating for these rights within UN and intergovernmental agencies and international civil society organizations. The development of a tool kit on the accurate use of terminology on women and girls in UN processes was its initial mandate. They presented a well-researched parallel event for the CSW 65 Forum in 2021. The Task Force has been temporarily paused until further notice. Read more…

Review, Development and Training

The task force is defined by the key words; development, strategy, sustainability, growth, evaluation, and recommendations for action. It evaluates and reviews NGO relations with UN and working methods with a focused impact on Geneva UN bodies: ILO, HRC, WHO, HCR, UN Women, CEDAW. It draws on the expertise of members to strengthen our solidarity and global advocacy with capacity building, providing awareness, expertise/training and experience to be better advocates to UN mechanisms: UPR, CEDAW (AWRI), CSW. 

UNECE Task Force

A new task force is being formed to strengthen relations of the NGO CSW Geneva with the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE). The UNECE is one of five regional commissions of the United Nations and that includes 56 member states in Europe, North America and Asia.

Youth Task Force

With the goal of promoting youth engagement for gender equality, the youth task force hosted a 4 part webinar series on leadership and literacy from August – September 2021, and held a Global Youth Conference focused on improving working methods of the CSW in January 2022. Their agreed conclusions were forwarded to the CSW66 Bureau, UN Women and others. They finished their time-bound mandate by participating in the Geneva/Vienna Consultation Day event that kicked off the CSW66 Forum. Mainstreaming the active engagement of youth remains a priority of NGO CSW Geneva. Read more...