A joint statement on Violence against Women & Girls, “RAPE IS A CRIME” has been written by a group composed of representatives from Femmes Africa Solidarity (FAS), Inter African Committee (IAC), Women World’s Summit Foundation (WWSF) and World YWCA. This statement is to be delivered at the 57th Session of the Commission on the Status of Women in New York.

“We, members of the NGO/CSW in Geneva, therefore call upon Governments and other stakeholders to enforce legislation to protect women, and to prevent and respond in a timely manner to cases of sexual violence including rape against women. We call for a strengthening of strategies that address gender inequalities irrespective of the circumstance or culture. We call for an end to impunity and the denial of the rights of victims. Sexual assault is not about lust and desire; it is a violent crime of power, control and dominance. We appeal to the decision makers to ensure reforms needed to protect women, ensure access to justice, end impunity and advance their rights.”

The full statement can be downloaded here.