10:00 – 13:00 – Maison des Associations, 15 rue des Savoises, Geneva

The interrelation of armed violence and violence against women

Keynote Speakers:

  • Ms Ruth‐Gaby Vermot‐MANGOLD, DrPhil. Former MP and member of the Council of Europe, President of 1000 PWAG
  • Ms Alanna ARMITAGE , Director UNFPA Geneva office
  • Ms Christiane AGBOTON JOHNSON, Deputy Director of UNIDIR
  • Ms Nyaradzayi GUMBONZVANDA, General Secretary of World YWCA and President of the NGO CSW Geneva
  • Mr Ireneo Omositson NAMBOKA, Expert Trainer retired UNHCHR



A joint Event of the NGO CSW Geneva, Bangwe et Dialogue, Peace Women Across the Globe (PWAG) & UNFPA.