Meet the Laureate Mme. Ndeye Seynabou TALL WADE

who will present her work for the empowerment of rural communities in Senegal

(one of 10 Laureates awarded in 2011)


on Friday 14 October 2011 11h00 -13h00

at the NGO Resource and Service Center – Palais des Nations, United Nations Geneva


An exchange with FAO, UNFPA, AFEE and WWSF Board Members

• Mr. Abdessalam Ould Ahmed, FAO Liaison Officer – UN Geneva

• Ms. Alanna Armitage, UNFPA Director, Geneva Office (to be confirmed)

• Ms. Ndeye Seynabou Tall Wade, Sénégal – Prize winner & AFEE President (Association Sénégalaise Femmes Enfants Environmment)

• Ms. Gulzar Samji, WWSF President, Canada, Consultant and Educator

• Ms. Bunny McBrian, WWSF Vice President, USA, Anthropolgist and Lecturer

• Dr. Filomina Steady, Sierra Leone/USA, WWSF Board Member, Expert on Women and Gender Issues, Professor of Africana Studies at Wellesley College

• Dr. Wu Qing, China, WWSF Board member, Chinese People’s Deputy & Advocate

Moderator: Ms. Elly Pradervand, WWSF Executive Director/Founder; Advocate for women and children’s rights; publisher of the ‘Open Letters to rural women of the world’ on the occasion of the Intl. Day of rural women – 15 October.

2011 Theme: Claim your right to land and inheritance.

Download: Event Flyer