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The NGO Committee on the Status of Women, Geneva (NGO CSW Geneva) is a not-for-profit association established under Articles 60 et seq. of the Swiss Civil Code. The NGO CSW Geneva acts as a strategic platform for UN accredited Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) with consultative status with ECOSOC for the advancement of human rights and the empowerment of women. It facilitates the activities of its member organizations, in support of the United Nations and its goals and with Member States, for gender equality and the empowerment and defense of the rights of women and girls across the globe.

The Committee acts as a forum for the exchange of information and views on matters of common interest and coordinates the drafting of joint statements to UN agencies and commissions. It cooperates with its sister committees in New York and Vienna and supports the work of UN Women and the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women.

In particular the NGO CSW Geneva supports implementation of the 1995 Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action, UN Security Resolution 1325, the Convention to Eliminate All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development) in particular SDG#5 on gender equality and women’s empowerment.


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The NGO Committee on the Status of Women Geneva (NGO CSW Geneva) welcomes new members and any form of support or participation! The NGO CSW Geneva brings representatives from NGOs in consultative relationship with the UN together to share information, coordinate NGO participation at various UN meetings and bring their expertise to jointly work on substantive projects, such as joint statements, the organization of panel events and others advocacy activities around Women’s Rights and Gender Equality.

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Recording Available!

Recording Available!

NGO CSW Geneva Women’s Mosaic of Lived Experiences Video Project

NGO CSW Geneva is proud to share its Women’s Mosaic of lived experiences video, prepared for the Beijing +25 UNECE Regional Review Meeting currently taking place in Geneva, Switzerland. The video was broadcasted on 28 October 2019 at the Generation Equality Regional Civil Society Forum in Geneva Switzerland, where more than 400 women from all around the world gather for an entire day of movement building, advocacy strategising and solidarity action.

Many women’s lives and their communities have been dramatically and constructively influenced by their engagement with the extensive networks of the United Nations; the World Conferences on Women and Beijing Platform for Action, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Development Goals’s, Security Council Resolution 1325 and others. While policy makers increasingly understand the value of local knowledge about- and mobilization for- the goals, most of civil society remains out of reach.

Members of the NGO CSW Geneva Beijing+25 Working Group have decided to launch this multifaceted project within the framework of the Beijing +25 Review process to give voice to local needs, highlight successful projects and partnerships and understand and improve local awareness. 

We are extremely thankful to the project leaders: Valerie Bichelmeier, Oleksandra Kunovska Mondoux, Valeriane Bernard, Carolyn Handschin and Carol McConkie. It is their leadership and commitment that brought this
idea to life.

Special thanks also go to the other members of the NGO CSW Geneva Beijing+25 working groups for their collaborative reflection and work: Zarin Hainsworth, Anne Riz, Catherine Bosshart, Silvia Perel-Levin, Brigitte Polonovksi and Mohinder Watson.

Profuse thanks to Julia Handschin for putting this video together and patiently editing and re-editing the video to this final version! The project would not have been possible without her skills. Thank you Julia!!

Finally, we are thankful to the outstanding women who took part in this project and shared their experiences: Olha Bosak, Mary Dower, Isobel Smyth, Caroline Cormack, Maria Kurinna, Patricia Findlay, Audrey Mellard, Maureen Siers, Jackie Ware, Evelyn Liston, Carol Clark,  Ruth Payne, Oksana Davydenko, Marfa Skoryk, MIRILDAm Tamara Martsenyuk, Lina Verica, Maxine Morgane, Toots Beckett, Sis Jayanti, Ciara Rainsby, Anna Indermaur, Kate Choi and the Canadia Federation of University Women.

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